The Best Moment’s In Football History

Football is a game like no other, boasting some of the best players in the world and some of the most devoted fans of any sport. It’s also one of the oldest games in history, with experts believing that variations of the sport have been played for thousands of years.

Over the last century, the game has become something of an international success that spans continents and consists of billions of fans. It’s also been the home of some truly unforgettable moments that left

Eintrach Frankfurt Vs Real Madrid

Widely considered to be one of Real Madrid’s finest moments, the game they played against Eintrach Frankfurt was mostly unremarkable for the first twenty minutes, and it was obvious that Madrid was battling against their opponents.

It didn’t take long for the team to start realising that Frankfurt’s overall defence was weaker than their own, and Madrid began focussing on attacking the team, which quickly turned the game around in record time. In fact, in just half an hour, they had taken full control of the field and secured their win.

Paolo Rossi

It was the 1982 World Cup, and it had come down to Brazil vs Italy, both titans of the sport. It’s one of the most famous matches of all time, one that has gone down in history thanks to its fast-paced gameplay and memorable moments.

But Paolo Rossi’s final goal at the end of the game, pushing his team ahead of Italy was what most fans will remember. It was such a legendary moment that it’s known for making Brazil cry while also sealing their victory for that day.

England Vs Argentina

A football famous match that took place in 1986 and saw England battling it out against Argentina. The teams were even throughout much of the match, and both sides retained equal score toward the end.

This was until Maradona displayed his incredible skill on the field by running through half of the English team and to the other site. At the end, he shot the ball into the net with perfect execution that has become one of the most recognisable scores of all time and creating something as exciting as election betting.

The Carnival

Another Italy vs Brazil game, this time with Brazil once again far in the lead with a 3-1 score that Italy had very little chance of catching up with. It was almost certainly a win for the Brazilian team, and many at the stadium were already celebrating a crushing victory.

It was a tense moment for everyone at the game when the ball was taken by Clodoaldo, who managed to get it past four of his opponents and then pass it on to his teammates, he kept the ball going until it met up with legend Pele. Pele then moves it quickly on to Alberto, who shoots in into the goals, making for one of the most spectacular goals of all time.

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