Tips And Tricks For Golf Betting

Golf is a great sport to dive into for those that are brand new to the betting world. The sport is enjoyed by millions across the planet, is home to some of the very best players of all time and is covered by most reputable bookmakers.

It’s not the first choice for bettors that are new to wagering, but it still makes a great choice for anyone that’s not considered a season wagerer.

For anyone wanting to start out in the endlessly exciting world of golf betting, use these bets for increased success.

Follow The Players

Betting blindly on a player is a good way of losing money, so it’s a good idea to take the time and check out the history of each player before making a final choice. Most players will be included in modern sportsbooks, which will cover their various wins and losses over the past few months and years, giving the bettor an idea of how they might fare in any upcoming events.

It’s also important to keep track any injuries that the players may have sustained recently, as these can seriously hamper how well the player performs overall.

Make A Log

Using sportsbooks is just one piece of the puzzle, and another is keeping a personal log of any past bets and how they turned out. Bettors that want to start taking wagering seriously and hope to make more money in the future will want to be able to look back at how they performed on similar bets on the past.

Every bit of information can be used to make a more successful bet, even if it sometimes means having to sift through older logbooks to see how things played out in previous wagers.

Learn The Game

Golf can be quite complicated for uninitiated, so it might be worth taking the time to learn the rules of the game, including how scores are kept, the various ways in which players interact with one another during a tournament, and what happens in certain scenarios when a game is in play, such as when a player hits a ball into a bunker.

Due to how long some tournaments can be, it’s often possible to make bets between rounds, meaning that a bettor that’s clued up on the game and how it could potentially turn out according to what’s going on will be that much more likely to find better success.

Stick With Good Bookies

Bookmakers are the gateway to sports betting, so it’s important to find that offers a fair and reputable service that won’t end up costing more than it should, and that offers a wide range of options, from AUS to NZ sports bets.

Not all bookies play fair, and it can be worth a bettor’s time to read reviews and check out a bookie’s customer service to ensure that they will not fall into any problems later down the line. It’s also a good idea to keep track of multiple bookies to find the best bets and odds on the market at any given time.

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