History’s Greatest Baseball Players

Baseball has long been considered the most popular pastime within the United States. Not only has it spawned a massive following, but it’s been the home of countless, incredibly talented athletes that have gone on to become legendary within the sporting world.

Baseball stars tend to stick out from athletes in other sports due to their unique mix of talent and celebrity-like statuses, and they’re a constant source of entertainment to those that love the game.

Here we will look at some of the best baseball players of all time.

Ted Williams

Williams is remember by fans as the purest hitter ever thanks to his .482 on base percentage, which is the highest of all time. Even to this day, he remains in the top 20 of home runs, runs batted, and total runs scored, all of which he grabbed in a career that spanned almost two decades.

Not only was William absolutely incredible while on the field, he was also known for his prowess in fishing and flying planes. He also was known for the relationship that he had with the public and his fans, one that often made headlines.

Hank Aaron

Hank Aaron held the title as Home Run King for an entire generation, due in part thanks to the power he was able to put behind the bat. Many argue that’s he is the best power hitter in the history of the game, although this was just one area where the athlete shone.

During his career, he managed almost 2300 runs batted, as well as almost 7000 total bases, all pointing toward the tremendous talent that he employed while playing the game. He was also the proud winner of three Gold Gloves for his outfield play and was selected for the All-Star Game for a whopping 21 years in a row, something that just about no other player has been able to achieve.

Willie Mays

With the exception of Babe Ruth, there are few other players in history that can quite compare to Willie Mays. A truly remarkable baseball player of titanic proportions, Mays was an almost unstoppable force once he hit the field, which he was able to show with his 2300 hits and 660 home runs.

And while Aaron may have clinched 3 Golden Glove awards, Mays earned 12 over the course of a decade. Many believe that Mays is the best player that ever lived, and his world-famous catch during the 1954 World Series game may just be proof of that.

Babe Ruth

Even those that aren’t interested in baseball or prefer to spend their time enjoying the latest NZ casino bonus will most likely have heard the name of Babe Ruth, a legendary figure that many people still talk about to this day.

He single-handedly changed the nature of the game, ushering in an entirely new era of talent that few have been able to match since he first joined the majors at the beginning of the 20th century. It didn’t take long for the talented player to start leading on all fronts, and by the time 1927 rolled around, he was in the lead with the most home runs in the world.

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