Miami Heat & Atlanta Hawks Facts & Stats

Love the NBA? Curious about the Atlanta Hawks and the Miami Heat rivalry? Or want to know more about these two teams’ history? We’ve got the facts and stats for you!

Atlanta Hawks Trivia

Who did the Hawks beat during their very first NBA championship?

The Boston Celtics. They pulled off this feat in 1958 during the NBA World Championship Series. Atlanta (then the St. Louis Hawks) won that particular series by six games on their way to their debut NBA franchise.

Who became the first Hawk to pull off more than 200 steals in a single season?

Mookie Blaylock. He repeated this magical stunt an incredible five times, which bagged him two NBA All-Defensive first-team picks.

Who is the tallest player to have played for the Atlanta Hawks in the history of the franchise?

Priest Lauderdale – 7’4”. He was selected 28th overall in the 1996 NBA Draft by the Hawks.

Which Atlanta player holds the league’s record for the most turnovers in a single game?

John Drew. With 14 turnovers, he set this unfortunate record during a 95-97 loss to the New Jersey Nets on March 1, 1977.

Who leads Atlanta in career blocks?

Star center Tree Rollins. He was known for his incredible defense style that’s as slick as the online slots in Canada.

Miami Heat Trivia  

Now you know a bit more about the Atlanta Hawks, take a look at their on-court rivals and what makes them tick.

What was the second choice for a name for the Miami Heat?

Miami Vice. This was at the time a popular television crime drama.

What is Miami’s longest winning streak?

A cool 27 games. This means Miami hold the record for the league’s third-longest winning streak. The Heat set this record during the 2012-13 championship season.

Who leads the Miami Heat in career points?

Dwayne Wade, a 13-time NBA All-Star champion. He remains Miami’s leader in points, steals, shots made, shots taken, and assists.

Who was the first Miami Heat player to be named NBA Most Valuable Player (MVP)?

LeBron James. He signed with the Heat on July 10, 2010, and in doing so, became only the third reigning MVP to change teams since 1982, when Moses Malone did the same.

Which Heat player was nick-named “The Spin Doctor”?

Rony Seikaly. He earned his famous nickname from his signature low-post spin moves and the moniker stuck ever since.

Who (player) did Pat Riley acquire at the trade just before his first season as head coach in 1995?

Alonzo Mourning – acquired at the trade from the Hornets. He sent Matt Geiger, Glen Rice, and four more players in return.

Who became the first Miami player with more than 300 offensive rebounds in a single season?

The honour once again goes to The Spin Doctor, Rony Seikaly.

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