Popular Myths Connected With Golf

Golf is among the oldest games that’s still played to this day and can be traced back to around the late 13th century.

Over that time, the game has evolved in countless ways, but the general premise of the sport has more or less remained the same, even if the official gear, rules, and tournaments have undergone numerous changes.

During that time, there have been several misconceptions and myths about the game that have popped up amongst both the players and the fans. Here we will look at some of the more common myths, what they’re about, and why they aren’t really true.

Golf Is Extremely Expensive To Play

This is a myth about golf that often leads to people outright refusing to even give the game a chance, but it’s also one that’s fairly understandable.

When we go to the local sports centre and look at the price of the equipment needed to play golf, it’s often significantly more expensive than most of the other gear on the shelves.

Despite this, golf isn’t actually that pricey to participate in, provided the potential player is happy to go to the nearest club and rent the gear they need rather than buying it. If the course is a particularly nice one, then it’s also possible that the equipment that they rent out will be in otherwise excellent condition.

Everyone Is Always Watching

This is another misconception about the game that often puts off new players, and it’s the belief that while out on a course, the player will constantly be watched and judged by others within the vicinity.

And while it’s certainly possible that one or two other players might peek over and watch the odd golf swing, most of the people on the course are generally only concerned with the game that they are playing that day, and there is little incentive for them to keep track of what others are doing.

Golf is Difficult

When we watch the professional players on television play against one another, it’s easy to believe that golf is a game that requires a high level of skill to play, similar in many ways to watching the pros in https://australianbettingsites.org/horse/geelong-cup/ betting. But the pros are in their league for a reason and are no different from the pros that take part in other games, like football.

There’s no doubting that there is something of a learning curve to golf, but it’s one that’s no different to any other sport, and a new player that’s willing to put in a bit of practise where they are able to will quickly find that the game is not nearly as difficult as it’s made out to be.

Like many sports, it’s extremely easy to learn, but the difficulty sets in when trying to play on the same level as the pros.

It’s Not A Real Sport

This is also an easy myth to understand due to the fact that golf is unlike most other popular sports. It’s almost always done solo, the equipment is unique, and it’s played on a large course rather than a small field or pitch.

But it’s still very much a sport, with score recording, failure states, enough walking around to burn plenty of calories.

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