The Market’s Most Common Football Bets

When it comes to sports betting, there are few other sports that are as popular as football. With billions of fans and an extremely lively betting scene, it’s become the first choice for many bettors looking to get a taste of the exciting world of wagering and why it’s quickly become one of the most common pastimes of the last few decades.

For those that are diving in for the first time, it’s easy to be overwhelmed with the sheer number of bets that are on offer. The Internet has exacerbated this greatly, with thousands of bookies now offering their own wages and odds. Beginner bettors will want to refer to this guide when choosing a wager that will suit them best.

Full Match Bets

These are the kind of wagers that beginners will want to try and focus on. These can include a variety of simple and straightforward bets that, while not offering the very best in returns, do have a much lower risk, and are easier to understand for anyone that’s brand new to betting.

A money line bet is one such example, where a person will put down money on the outcome of a game, which involves wagering on which team will win. There can be more types here, and some of the bets on offer can be more complicated, such as accumulators, which span over several matches during the course of a tournament, rather than just a single game.

Half-Time Wagers

Next, we have half-time wagers, which are bets that are taken out during the half-time period. Football betting is incredibly flexible, and we’ve now entered an age where a bettor is able to easily put money down while the the game is still in play.

This also provides the chance to assess how the two teams are doing, and what the outcome will most likely end up being by the time that the match has come to an end.

This is something that has also become a favourite among those that prefer to make their bets online, allowing them to keep track of the game in increments and then put down money accordingly, giving them much more flexibility, similar in many ways to real money pokies Australia.

Prop Bets

Another great of making some extra money on the side is by indulging in prop bets. These are wagers that focus on otherwise unusual aspects of the game and are often quite different to the standard bets that bookmakers tend to offer their customers.

One good example of this is when a wager is put down on which player from either side will be the one to score the first goal of the match, while another bet might be which player is the first to get a penalty for breaking the rules.

The potential for prop betting is almost endless, and it makes a great break from the more common wagers that most people are used to.

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