The Most Common Bets In Basketball

Basketball is a great choice when it comes to sports betting. With huge, annual events, a devoted fanbase, and great bookie coverage, basketball is a must for anyone with a love of the game as well as betting.

Getting started in the exciting world of basketball betting doesn’t take much effort, but it’s still worth taking the time to learn about the more popular kinds of bets and how they work.

Here we will break down the more common types of basketball bets and how each one works.

Point Spread Bets

For most sports, money line betting tends to be the more popular kind of wager, but this isn’t the case with basketball. Here, it’s far more common to come across the point spread, where both teams can be wagered at -110, and the difference between the two is made up of a handicap of points.

It’s extremely easy to find a bet like this being offered by bookies, and it’s the most highly recommended for those that want to dive into the world of basketball betting but aren’t sure where to begin.

Parlay Bets

The parlay wager is the next best choice when it comes to basketball betting, and while similar in some ways to a money line wager, differs in how the outcome is chosen.

Here, a bettor will need to select two or more different basketball teams, and in order for the bettor to make any money, all the sides that have been selected will need to win. Here, each side is known as a leg, and the more legs that are added to the overall parley, the more that the bettor has the potential of winning.

The higher payout also means that there is more risk involved, so a parlay is the kind of bet that’s best aimed at bettors with a bit of experience behind them.


Over/Under bets are extremely straightforward and are a great starting point for those that are new to the wagering scene.

Here, bookies will set a number of points that need to be scored in total by the two teams, and the bettor will have to wager on whether the score at the end of actual game will either by under or over the total that’s been set by the bookies.

This is obviously closer to an average money liner, with a 50% chance of it going either way. It’s a deceivingly complex bet, however, as with enough research it’s often possible to correctly predict how a game will turn out between two teams.

Prop Bets

Proposition bets, also known as prop wagers, consist of a wide range of various bets that are based on specific elements of the game in question, and they can be as exciting as no deposit bingo.

A wager might be put on which player or team will win first, which player may receive the first injury, and much more. It’s the kind of betting that can vary widely depending on what’s being offered by the bookie.

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