History’s Best Golf Players

Golf is a game unto its own when compared to many other popular sports. Not only has become one of the most well-known pastimes in the world, but it’s given rise to some of the greatest athletes that the sporting industry has ever seen.

These are players that have risen to the top of their field and earned both recognition from their peers and the fans that follow them.

Here we will look at some of the best golf players of all time and some of their achievements.

Gary Player

This South Africa player has made quite a name for himself within the world of professional golf, achieving dozens of victories over the course of his career. In total, Player has won 24 PGA Tour trophies, as well as 9 Major wins, something that few other players have been able to match.

Some of his very first wins came when he was on his early 20s, and his career continued to skyrocket as he went further up the roster, eventually becoming something of a legend among his peers.

Arnold Palmer

Arnold Palmer is considered by many to be the godfather of modern golf, where he earned much of his reputation during the mid 21st century. He is credited with making the sport more popular among fans, and during his time on the course he claimed a PGA title, four Masters as well as 2 British Opens.

He eventually retired in the late 1960s, but not before amassing a large fanbase that’s still around to this day.

Jack Nicklaus

Nicklaus is often considered the best golf player that has ever lived, and it’s a statement that can be very much regarded as true taking in the fact that he has won more majors than any other player, with a total of 18. The only other player to come close to his wins is Tiger Woods, making Nicklaus truly unmatched on the course.

Named “The Golden Bear”, Nicklaus has earned plenty of other titles over his career, and during the 1970’s he was awarded the Athlete Of The Decade title by Sports Illustrated. Nicklaus has cemented himself as a true legend and his legacy continues with his many endeavours that still run to this day, and it might be worth checking out his many accomplishments when not enjoying the latest Cyberbingo review.

Tiger Woods

While Jack Nicklaus is regarded as technically the best player ever, almost everyone in the world has at some point heard of Tiger Woods, a player that has become synonymous with the game of golf as well as high-profile athletes. Woods has a distinguished and famous career that has seen him win 82 different victories.

Starting out at a young age, by the time 2000 rolled around, Woods was named the youngest player ever to win a grand slam at the age of just 25 years old. His success continued for another decade, where he consistently won victory after victory until announcing a break from the sport. He has recently returned to golf, and has seen more success in subsequent years.

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